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Meetings are essential to moving forward, making informed decisions, and collaborating cohesively, but they often fall short of being their most productive, empowering and energizing best. Whether you’re doing remote video meetings or simple conference calls, we do visual captures of your meetings and turn them into colorful, memorable roadmaps. Summary visuals capture the tone and aspirations of the meetings, make the road ahead clearer, and provide for instant sharing and follow up.

Here are two examples of recent virtual sessions we captured on sketchbooks in real time.

University of Arkansas Extension, Breakthrough Communities Network

University of Arkansas Extension, Breakthrough Communities Network


What do you hope to accomplish with your meeting?

Too often, meetings don't really make a difference for your team. Some of the top complaints about meetings and retreats include:


Lost in the Firehose

Too much information, no agenda, and lack of focus.

Not Relevant to Me

Meeting doesn't help me in my work or relate to my area.

Nothing New

Wrestling with the same issues and not making progress.

Networking Isn't Meaningful

Not connecting to people or hearing their viewpoints.

Four Steps to Create a Productive Meeting

Visual Clarity

Present information visually to focus attention and memory.

Shareable Stories

Share content easily with your team and other stakeholders.

Powerful Questions

Get people thinking about what to do with what they've learned.

Collaborative Action

Get passionate people working together on a shared vision.

Visuals Make the Difference

60,000x Faster

We process visuals 60,000x faster than text content

Visuals Bring Clarity

Use the universal language of visuals to connect

See How Illustrated Ideas Help Your Audience Take Action

Download our free, Visual Strategy Workbook Sampler and see how ActionCraft's graphic tool optimizes learning...
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"Yesterday was a gift beyond words. Ken's artwork captured the conversations so beautifully."
Shari Scales, Providence Hospital System

How does ActionCraft work
for Graphic Recording?


We attend your event or meeting, either in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing, and capture the essence of the discussion in words and pictures. Part of our note-taking includes identifying important questions and laying out possible action plans for the attendees to consider when they leave. For large events, the graphic facilitation is often on big boards so the attendees see the artwork being developed. It may also be done on a sketch pad, especially for small or remote events and meetings.

In either case, we take photographs of the images and post them to a webpage for your event that can be shared immediately. We can record the drawing as it comes together, add a voice-over and produce an animated video that can posted to YouTube within 24 hours.

Then the amazing thing is that we wrap up the images and copy in a way that captures the challenges and possibilities of disruption along with ideas of how to address the issues in an ActionCraft Workbook! We combine our visuals, summaries, important questions and action-oriented strategies into a book and provide you the PDF of that publication within one week.

You or your attendees can then purchase hard copies of the ActionCraft Workbooks to take home. The positive and forward-looking workbooks combine ideas and questions with inspiring pictures to turn that firehose of information into insights that can be acted upon-- even if the challenges explored are big and complex!

Attendees can also participate in a spark session with an ActionCraft facilitator during the conference and/or back home. The ActionCraft Workbooks are designed to be used by attendees as consensus-building, strategic planning tools with others who were unable to attend the conference.

Using the workbook helps attendees take the messages of speakers and thought leaders to the home team so they can work together to develop the appropriate responses, learn new insights and make smarter business choices.

Our Services

Graphic Recording

Captivate meeting attendees and expand their engagement with visuals that make your content more memorable.

Web Hub & Workbooks

Get web pages where your team can privately access workbooks, visuals, animated videos, session notes and more.

Animated Videos

Hand-drawn animated videos provide exciting content, colorful visions of possibility, and new action roadmaps.

Spark Sessions

Take a deeper dive with spark sessions that gather attendee wisdom and create meaningful bonds between participants.

Commissioned Work

Celebrate the career arc and impact of a significant leader or corporate milestone with a compelling picture.

Strategic Planning

Develop your strategic plan for taking action, creating change, and improving your organization.

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