We Make Meetings Better

Meetings are often essential to moving forward, making informed decisions, and collaborating cohesively, but all meetings – be they online, over the phone, or in person – can fall far short of being their most productive, empowering and energizing best.


What do you hope to accomplish with your meeting?

Too often, meetings don't really make a difference for your team. Some of the top complaints about meetings and retreats include:


Lost in the Firehose

Too much information, no agenda, and lack of focus.

Not Relevant to Me

Meeting doesn’t help me in my work or relate to my area.

Nothing New

Wrestling with the same issues and not making progress.

Networking Isn't Meaningful

Not connecting to people or hearing their viewpoints.

Four Steps to Create a Productive Meeting

Visual Clarity

Present information visually to focus attention and memory.

Shareable Stories

Share content easily with your team and other stakeholders.

Powerful Questions

Get people thinking about what to do with what they’ve learned.

Collaborative Action

Get passionate people working together on a shared vision.

Visuals Make the Difference

60,000x Faster

We process visuals 60,000x faster than text content

Visuals Bring Clarity

Use the universal language of visuals to connect

Our Services

Graphic Recording

Captivate attendees and expand their engagement with visuals that make your content more memorable.


Rediscover key content in valuable visual workbooks that dramatically increase the value of the conference and remind conference-goers of its value year-round.

Spark Sessions

Take a deeper dive into the content with spark sessions that gather the wisdom of the attendees and create meaningful bonds between the participants.

Web Hub

Get online web pages where your team can access workbooks, visuals and animated videos.

Animated Videos

Create bite-sized visual content for immediate sharing and future marketing.

Strategic Planning

Develop your strategic plan for taking action, creating change, and improving your organization.

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