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Animated storyboards and videos make complex challenges clear and action meaningful. In 2020, we added animated videos to our visual solutions for clients with big stories to tell and big challenges to solve around engaging people in new collective action. We have recently completed amazing projects for health and education foundations and behavioral health coalitions. We are designing projects for technology companies and international associations—both have complex content and strong desire to expand impact and open doors through visual storytelling videos.
Examples of our unique, hand-drawn animated videos which provide exciting content along with colorful visions of possibility and new action roadmaps.
Our unique, hand-drawn animated videos provide exciting content along with colorful visions of possibility and new action roadmaps. Our clients are bundling these videos with board strategy and sense-making retreats, sharing them in social media platforms, and coupling them with stakeholder conversations designed to build adaptive playbooks for these uncertain times.

Client Snapshots

Vail Health: Hand-drawn Impact Stories



Kicking Off the Virtual State of the Chamber Awards Program



Celebrating the Success of Eagle Valley’s Integrated Health & Wellness Initiatives


"This video absolutely blew us away! Amazing work! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication... Our Board members will be so impressed!"
Dana Erpelding, Operations Director, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Creating a Philanthropic Strategy to Increase Health in Hamilton, Canada

“The animated video is absolutely amazing. I am speechless. You and your team did a GREAT job.”
Sandra Wilson, COO, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

Changing the Conversation about Behavioral Health in the Vail region of Colorado


"We couldn’t be happier with how the end products turned out."
Dana Erpelding, Operations Director, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Our Services

Graphic Recording

Captivate meeting attendees and expand their engagement with visuals that make your content more memorable.

Web Hub & Workbooks

Get web pages where your team can privately access workbooks, visuals, animated videos, session notes and more.

Animated Videos

Hand-drawn animated videos provide exciting content, colorful visions of possibility, and new action roadmaps.

Spark Sessions

Take a deeper dive with spark sessions that gather attendee wisdom and create meaningful bonds between participants.

Commissioned Work

Celebrate the career arc and impact of a significant leader or corporate milestone with a compelling picture.

Strategic Planning

Develop your strategic plan for taking action, creating change, and improving your organization.

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