Our Story

We have been attending, facilitating, leading collective impact and spark sessions, presenting highly-rated workshops, speaking at and visually story-boarding virtual and in-person meetings, conferences and retreats all over the country for over 20 years, and too many times we've seen the conference or gathering miss the mark, failing to fully spur the action intended. From our experience, we learned that time and time again, conference and meeting attendees would re-enter their busy work-a-day worlds and could barely hold on to even a tidbit of the fire-hose of valuable information they experienced.

So what?

So, after attending an inspiring but overwhelming three day conference together, we wanted to do more, so we formulated a way to take everything we knew -- our action-oriented insights, our experience of graphic facilitation, our social and web marketing, publication design, and video production expertise, and our collaborative wisdom-gathering skills -- and combine them to create a tool that takes big ideas and turns them into accessible, action-oriented, inspiring images.

ActionCraft Company was born!


Our Leader


Ken Hubbell

FOUNDER & CEO, ActionCraft Company

Ken is a practiced graphic recorder and facilitator bringing together powerful visuals and discerning storytelling to energize clients' work in progressive foundations, national networks of community colleges, and dozens of universities, health systems, social impact organizations, and technology and predictive analytics companies.

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