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The Big Picture

Through interviews and independent research, ActionCraft Founder & CEO, Ken Hubbell, will gather everything he needs to help you celebrate the career arc and impact of a significant leader or corporate milestone or to share your complex corporate journey or personal story through a compelling picture.

Client Snapshot

Recently, MDC Inc. commissioned ActionCraft to celebrate in a single picture the career arc and impact of outgoing President, David Dodson, and the powerful outcomes of this 50-year-old economic justice organization. Ken Hubbell incorporated the key themes, the high point programs and sustaining initiatives and the many dozens of communities across the U. S. and Southern Africa where MDC partnered intensively, capturing the themes: bridges, ladders and activists.

And since so much of MDC’s work builds the scaffolding for deeper, long-term social and economic justice, Hubbell made sure to convey the diversity, strategic frameworks, and scale through the colorful spiral metaphor—sprinkling a range of graphic icons to showcase how Mr. Dodson’s conceptual clarity shone through the work and the collaborations.


The MDC board honored Mr. Dodson for his years of passionate work with his illustrated story during a Zoom conference.

“In the rush to exit after 33 years, I haven’t been able to write to express my joy at the memory portrait you created. It is full of so many redolent symbols, signs, and moments:
an instant treasure!”
David Dodson, Outgoing President, MDC, Inc.

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