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A Compelling Picture to Convey
a Courageous Career

Recently, my oldest client partner, MDC Inc., commissioned me to celebrate in a single picture the career arc and impact of outgoing President David Dodson and the powerful outcomes of this 50-year-old economic justice organization. What was so cool was that I personally experienced since 1992 many of the soulful projects as I collaborated with David and his MDC team as a coach, designer, and visual storyteller.

The Big Picture

Commissioned artwork for outgoing MDC President

I incorporated the key themes, the high point programs and sustaining initiatives and the many dozens of communities across the U. S. and Southern Africa where MDC partnered intensively to effectively address and document equitable opportunity solutions.


Capturing the Themes: Bridges, Ladders and Activists

Detail of commissioned artwork for outgoing MDC President

The Spiral of Impactful Work & High-point Experiences

Since so much of MDC’s work builds the scaffolding for deeper, long-term social and economic justice, I made sure to convey the diversity, strategic frameworks, and scale through the colorful spiral metaphor—sprinkling a range of graphic icons to showcase how David’s conceptual clarity shone through the work and the collaborations.
Detail of commissioned artwork for outgoing MDC President

Celebration Ritual

The MDC board honored David Dodson for his years of passionate work with his illustrated story during a Zoom conference: Ever cheerful, David declared he would hang it immediately so the image became the backdrop for all subsequent Zoom meetings!
Outgoing MDC President, David Dodson, receiving commissioned artwork
Celebration and shared appreciation are hallmarks of a powerful ritual for the MDC community. Images like this one help keep the big story alive and meaningful!

Thank you, Bentonville.