Cool Drawings Make your Big Ideas — and Strategy — Actionable

Cool Drawings Make your Big Ideas — and Strategy — Actionable

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When my innovative brother Gary Hubbell decided to reshape his impact consulting practice as leadership masterclasses, he invited me to create an entire visual library to give spark and shareability to the concepts and ideas.

I created a Reframe 2 Thrive logo and thirty ink and color drawings that provide the visual playbook for the Getting Big Stuff Done leadership series.

Getting Big Stuff Done leadership series website

Surfacing a powerful image to illustrate concepts like “intention,” “misleading ideas,” and “unlocking breakthroughs” starts with sketches and moves through multiple simplifying versions. These are included throughout the series in web stories, social messages, leadership white papers, and course content.

Sketch process for surfacing a powerful image to illustrate concepts.

Creating a Coherent and Compelling Story

You can make your own stories of effective collaboration, innovation, or problem-solving more effective by establishing a convincing context and an underlying message about the change you’re seeking. For Gary’s Masterclass and his longer series “Eye on Abundance,” I created a common style and color family that supports the course intention of leadership breakthroughs and transformation.

Here’s another collaboration drawing that frames a white paper on leading change.

Effective Graphics help People Reframe how they Think

In our strategic work with leaders in tech, health care, and philanthropy we often turn to illustrations to help groups identify and reframe the barriers to fresh ideas. For the Reframe 2 Thrive courses, I recast the idea rocket from our familiar notion of focusing on perceived obstacles as high barriers to change.

Reminding people to return to wonder often triggers new paths to thinking innovatively. As Kosho Uchiyama Roshi says, “open the hand of thought” and let the fixed view go! (Retrieved from Tricycle online article by Zenkei Blanche Hartman, Jan 06, 2022.)

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