Captured conversations from a one-hour Zoom meeting

Captured Conversation from a One-Hour Zoom Meeting

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Last week, I helped my brother’s firm, Gary Hubbell Consulting, capture the conversations from a one-hour Zoom meeting among over 40 non-profit practitioners focused on “Questions Leaders Should Ask Now.” After exploring the session highlights, I created a digital drawing that was shared immediately with every participant.

These were my objectives:

  • Capture the prevailing context that leaders were experiencing that triggered renewal amidst unprecedented upheaval. Upon deep re-examination, most found it was nature that generated renewal. 
  • Illustrate their need for new mental models about global healing and new ways for leaders to surface and answer a few essential questions in an ocean of paradoxical stressors.
Captured conversations from a one-hour Zoom meeting
Captured conversation from a one-hour Zoom meeting.

While the world is in tremendous flux,
you need focus and clarity!

According to noted American artist, Twyla Tharp, dealing productively in the swirl of ideas takes incredible focus. She refers to the work of Harvard psychologist Stephen Kosslyn regarding how ideas can be acted upon in four ways:

  1. First, you must generate the idea, usually from memory or experience or activity.
  2. Then you have to retain it—that is, hold it steady in your mind and keep it from disappearing.
  3. Then you have to inspect it—study it and make inferences about it.
  4. Finally, you have to be able to transform it—alter it in some way to suit your higher purposes.

Some people are good at some of these but not all four. They can generate an idea, but they can’t hold on to it or transform it for application.(1)

That’s the beauty of ActionCraft’s visual storytelling: it helps you grab the gestalt in one simplified, evocative metaphor. It is a lasting visual key to the information of the meeting, the important essence of the challenge, and your team’s collective conclusion.

We provide the “spine” and theme
so you have an anchor that allows your team to snap
back to the content of the meeting and focus!

  • We want to help you keep expanding your most inspiring conversations and pin-point pivotal actions!
  • We will provide robust visual roadmaps for your important meetings, in person and virtually: from one-hour to one-week-long strategic gatherings.
  • Together, we can capture insights about gnarly problems and facilitate innovation, collaboration and action!

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